New TKK Fried Chicken

A new spot to score bubble tea, fast food and chicken wings has made its debut in the neighborhood. Called TKK Fried Chicken, the new arrival is located at 115 E. 23rd St. in the Flatiron District.


與功夫茶合作 頂呱呱進軍美國紐約曼哈頓開分店 原文網址: 與功夫茶合作 頂呱呱進軍美國紐約曼哈頓開

頂呱呱炸雞進軍美國紐約!頂呱呱炸雞將攜手美國最夯的手搖飲品牌「Kung Fu Tea 功夫茶」在紐約市中心曼哈頓設立分店,美國時間11月30日正式開幕,這次頂呱呱炸雞將帶著道地台灣味前進紐約...

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Popular Taiwanese Chain TKK Fried Chicken to Open

At the end of this week, the popular Taiwanese TKK Fried Chicken chain will open their first US location in NYC. The chain has 66 locations in Taiwan alone, and another two in Shanghai, China. This new NYC space will be located in Gramercy at 115 East 2...


Taiwanese Fried Chicken and Bubble Tea Head to the

How is this fried chicken different from the Korean variety found all over New York? “Taiwanese fried chicken is first marinated for 24 hours to add flavor,” said Steven Luw, the general operating manager. “Then it gets a flour breading and is fried...

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Cheese Tea And Taiwanese Fried Chicken, Together A

The best (at least the most unique) thing at TKK Chicken may be the Kwa Kwa Bao, which looks vaguely like a squat, craggy egg roll but is loaded with surprises: the inside is dense with sticky rice, shiitake mushrooms, and ground pork; the exterior is a s...



已經有 40 多年歷史的頂呱呱將於 11 月 30 日於 Gramercy 開幕,屆時紐約客將有機會品嚐店家自豪的炸雞,另外還會提供雞翅與炸雞三明治等炸雞美食,而客人更可以按喜好選擇不同的辣度。台式...

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